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Related Organisations

Australian Judicial Organisations

  • Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA) (link)
  • Judicial College of Victoria (link)
  • Judicial Commission of New South Wales (link)
  • National Judicial College of Australia (NJCA) (link)

Sentencing Organisations

  • Sentencing Advisory Council of Victoria (link)
  • NSW Sentencing Council (link)
  • Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council (link)
  • Sentencing Advisory Council Tasmania (link)
  • Sentencing Advisory Council of South Australia (link)
  • District Court of Western Australia Sentencing Guide (link)

Australian Law-Related Sites

  • Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) (link)
  • Calendar of Judicial Professional Development (link)
  • Law & Justice Foundation of New South Wales (link)

International Judicial Organisations

  • Association of Judges of Ireland (link)
  • Brennan Centre for Justice (USA) (link)
  • Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association (link)
  • Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute (link)
  • Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association (link)
  • European Network of Councils for the Judiciary (link)
  • Federal Judicial Center (USA) (link)
  • International Association of Judges (link)
  • International Commission of Jurists (link)
  • International Rule of Law Directory (link)
  • Judges’ Council (of England and Wales) (link)
  • Judicial Officers Association of South Africa (link)
  • Judicial College (UK) (link)
  • National Judicial College (USA) (link)

Australian Federal Courts

  • High Court of Australia (link)
  • Federal Court of Australia (link)
  • Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (link)

Australian State Courts

  • Australian Capital Territory (all courts) (link)
  • New South Wales Supreme Court (link)
  • New South Wales Land & Environment Court (link)
  • New South Wales District Court (link)
  • New South Wales Local Court (link)
  • New South Wales Children’s Court (link)
  • New South Wales Coroners Court (link)
  • Northern Territory Supreme Court (link)
  • Northern Territory Local Court (link)
  • Queensland (all courts) (link)
  • South Australia (all courts) (link)
  • Tasmanian Supreme Court (link)
  • Tasmanian Magistrates Court (link)
  • Victorian Supreme Court (link)
  • Victorian County Court (link)
  • Victorian Magistrates’ Court (link)
  • Victorian Children’s Court (link)
  • Victorian Coroners Court (link)
  • Western Australian Supreme Court (link)
  • Western Australian District Court (link)
  • Western Australian Magistrates Court (link)
  • Western Australian Children’s Court (link)
  • Western Australian Coroner’s Court (link)