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The rapidly growing tragedy in Afghanistan will wreak havoc in many parts of that country and, no doubt, the pillars of an emerging democracy will be damaged if not destroyed. One of those pillars is the judiciary and the judges who have been working to uphold the rule of law are in extreme peril. Within that group is a cohort in even greater danger – the women judges who have been under pressure for years. Two of them lost their lives in terrorist attacks in January this year. As Justice Glazebrook (IAWJ President) put it: “By serving as judges and helping develop the Afghan judicial branch, women judges have helped establish the rule of law in their country, an essential pillar of a democratic state. Allowing them to be at the mercy of the Taliban and insurgent groups, given what they have sacrificed, would be tragic indeed.”

The AJOA joins with the International Association of Judges and the International Association of Women Judges in their calls for urgent, meaningful and sustained support for all of the judiciary in Afghanistan.


The Australian Judicial Officers Association is the professional association of judges and magistrates in Australia. 

For further information, contact Australian Judicial Officers Association Secretariat.

The President of the AJOA is not available for broadcast or television interviews on this matter.