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Media Release

From Justice Michael Walton
President of the Australian Judicial Officers Association

26 February 2024

The Australian Judicial Officers Association wishes to acknowledge the recent announcement by the Honourable Justice Lex Lasry AM of his resignation from the Supreme Court of Victoria which took effect on Friday 23 February 2024.

Although the AJOA does not seek to comment on the regrettable and extraordinary circumstances which precipitated his Honour’s resignation, the Association wishes to publicly acknowledge his lifetime of service to the law and distinguished career as a judge.

After practising with distinction as Queen’s Counsel at the Victorian Bar for 17 years, Justice Lasry AM was appointed to the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2007 and continued to serve as a reserve judge after his official retirement in 2018. In his long service to the State of Victoria as a judge, Justice Lasry AM was the Principal Judge of the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court for five years and heard many of the most serious and challenging criminal cases. It is universally recognised that he did so with distinction and with the highest standards of integrity.

Justice Lasry AM will leave a significant legacy in the practice of criminal law in the State of Victoria and for the many practitioners he has mentored through his leadership and guidance over a lifetime in the law. The AJOA wishes him the best for the future.


The Australian Judicial Officers Association is the professional association of judges and magistrates in Australia. For further information, contact Karen Sloan, Australian Judicial Officers Association Secretariat: | 02 6125 5763.

The President of the AJOA is not available for broadcast or television interviews on this matter.