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The Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference of Australia (JCA) today approved the issuing of the following statement.

The JCA condemns sexual harassment wherever it occurs and no less if it concerns the judiciary.

Everyone is entitled to feel safe and to be treated with fairness and respect in their place of work. Sexual harassment must not be tolerated. If allegations of sexual harassment are made, they ought to be properly investigated.

The JCA also supports the adoption by courts of policies on sexual harassment aimed at education and prevention, as well as putting in place appropriate procedures for dealing with complaints.

The JCA is aware that some courts already have such policies in place and that many more are now developing such policies and we applaud this development.


The Judicial Conference of Australia is the professional association of judges and magistrates in Australia.

For further information, contact the Judicial Conference of Australia Secretariat.

The President of the JCA is not available for broadcast or television interviews on this matter.