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Statement on the attempted deportation and arbitrary detention of High Court Judge David Lambourne, the continued suspension of the Chief Justice of Kiribati and the continuing disregard for Judicial Independence in Kiribati

The CMJA, CLA and CLEA are deeply concerned about the attempted deportation from Kiribati and current arbitrary detention of High Court Judge David Lambourne, following the withdrawal of the Attorney General’s appeal against the decision of the High Court in the constitutional claim brought by Judge Lambourne in November 2021. The Associations are alarmed that the tribunals set up to investigate alleged misbehaviour by Judge David Lambourne and the Chief Justice William Hastings have yet to report on any findings. The Associations are further alarmed that there has been an attempt to deport Judge Lambourne without due process being followed and he has subsequently now been arbitrarily detained by the authorities in Kiribati.

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