Past Colloquium Papers

Note: The Australian Judicial Officers Association was formerly known as the Judicial Conference of Australia prior to March 2021. The papers provided below published prior to this date will reflect the old name of the Association.

Selected papers from prior Colloquiums are in alphabetical order of author. The date of the colloquium at which the paper was presented is shown in brackets. To read any of the papers, click on the title of the relevant paper.

Anictomitas, John, Opening Address at the 2003 Colloquium (2003)

Auty, Magistrate Kate, Aboriginal Sentencing (2003)

Barker, Justice Michael, First You See It, Then You Don’t: Harry Houdini and the Art of Interpreting Statutes (2012)

Basten, John, Developments in Judicial Review in the Context of Immigration Cases (2003)

Bathurst, Chief Justice TF, Separation of Powers: Reality or Desirable Fiction? (2013)

Beazley, Justice MJ, Panel Discussion: Judicial Well-Being (2016)

Bell, Justice Virginia, Independence from One Another (2010)

Bloemen, Magistrate Antoine, Sentencing from a Kimberley Perspective (2003)

Blow, Justice Alan, Judicial Pensions and Superannuation (2004)

Brennan, Sir Gerard, Judicial Independence (1996)

Brennan, Sir Gerard, The Common Law: Law for a Time, Law for a Place (2005)

Brennan, Frank, The Practical Outcomes of the National Human Rights Consultation (2013)

Bryant, Chief Justice Diana, The Autonomous Model: Not All Beer and Skittles (2006)

Bryant, Chief Justice Diana, The Family Courts and Family Violence (2015)

Bryant, Chief Justice Diana, The Use of Extrinsic Materials – With Particular Reference to Social Science and Family Law Decision Making (2012)

Bugg, Damian, The Role of the DPP in the 20th Century (1999)

Cain, Tracey, Trial by Media: Skills to Master the New Environment (2002)

Cain, Tracey, Working with the Media and the Media Handbook (2003)

Charlesworth, Hilary, Terrorism and the Law: Human Rights and Security (2005)

Chubb, Ian, State of the Country: Future Challenges (2016)

Coates, Richard, A History of Legal Aid in Australia (1999)

Crock, Mary, Refugees in Australia: Of Lore, Legends and the Judicial Process (2003)

Cummins, Justice PD, Shakespeare and Madness (2009)

Davies, Justice GL, Judicial Reticence (1997)

Debeljak, Julie, Judicial Independence: A Collection of Material for the Judicial Conference of Australia (2001)

Debeljak, Julie, The Courts versus the People: Have the Judges Gone Too Far? (2002)

Dowsett, Justice JA, Judicial Education (1998)

Doyle, Chief Justice John, Should Judges Speak Out? (2001)

Doyle, Chief Justice John, Court Governance and Judicial Independence: The South Australian Approach (2006)

Elias, Dame Sian, Judicial Retirement Benefits: Superannuation (2004)

Elias, Dame Sian, Public Confidence and Judicial Function: The New Zealand Experience (2004)

Evans, Simon and John Williams, Appointing Australian Judges: A New Model (2006)

French, Chief Justice Robert, Seeing Visions and Dreaming Dreams (2016)

French, Justice Robert, Judicial Exchange: Debalkanising the Courts (2005)

Gans, Joshua, The GFC and the Legal System (2009)

Gawler, Michael, What Does the Legal Profession Want from the Courts? (1998)

Gleeson, Chief Justice Murray, Opening Address at the 1997 Symposium (1997)

Gleeson, Chief Justice Murray, A Changing Judiciary (2001)

Gleeson, Chief Justice Murray, Public Confidence in the Judiciary (2002)

Gleeson, Chief Justice Murray, Judicial Selection and Training: Two Sides of the One Coin (2003)

Gleeson, Chief Justice Murray, Out of Touch or Out of Reach? (2004)

Gleeson, Chief Justice Murray, A Core Value (2006)

Gleeson, Chief Justice Murray, Some Legal Scenery (2007)

Gotterson, RW, The Appointment of Judges (1998)

Green, Sir Guy, Opening Address at the 2002 Colloquium (2002)

Griffin, K Trevor, Judicial Appointments: Contribution to Panel Discussion (1999)

Hayne, Justice KM, Australian Law in the Twentieth Century (1999)

Heath, Chief Magistrate Steven, Innovations in Western Australian Magistrates Courts (2005)

Higgins, Chief Justice Terence, Court Governance and Judicial Independence in the Australian Capital Territory (2006)

Hiley, Justice Graham, Trial by Peers? (2019)

Holmes, Justice Catherine, Queensland’s Mental Health Court (2014)

Keane, Justice PA, Access to Justice and Other Shibboleths (2009)

Keane, Justice PA, The Idea of the Professional Judge: The Challenges of Communication (2014)

Kenyon, Andrew T, Justice Seen to Be Done: Suppression Orders in Law and Practice (2006)

Kiefel, Justice Susan, Civil Procedures: Some Comparisons (1998)

King, LJ, The Attorney-General, Politics and the Judiciary (1999)

Kok, Magistrate Daphne Relationships between Courts: How Appealing? (2007)

Kourakis, Chief Justice Chris, The South Australian Model (2014)

Lane, Bernard, Judicial Reticence Session (1997)

Lavarch, Michael, Have the Judges Gone Too Far? (2002)

Lindsey, Tim, Muslims, Law and the Legal System (2016)

Lowndes, John, The Australian Magistracy: From Justices of the Peace to Judges and Beyond (1999)

Malcolm, Chief Justice David K, Discretion in Sentencing: Mandatory Sentencing Laws (2001)

Martin, Chief Justice Brian R, Customary Law: Northern Territory (2007)

Martin, Chief Justice Wayne, Customary Law: Western Australia (2007)

Martin, Chief Justice Wayne, Freedom of the Press and the Courts (2015)

Mason, Justice Keith, Should Judges Speak Out? (2001)

Mason, Justice Keith, Throwing Stones: A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Judges Being Offensive to Each Other (2007)

McClellan, Justice Peter, Judicial Conduct: Still a Live Issue, Some Thoughts on the Paper by Professor Peter A Sallmann (2005)

McGarvie, Richard E, Opening Address at the 1998 Colloquium (1998)

McMillan, John, The Courts vs the People: Have the Judges Gone Too Far? (2002)

McMurdo, Justice Margaret, Should Judges Speak Out? (2001)

McMurdo, Justice Margaret A Comment of Justice Malcolm Wallis’ Paper, ‘Judges as Employees’ (2012)

McMurdo, Justice Margaret, From Ex-Temps to Treatises: How Leading Judges Write (2016)

Mildren, Justice Dean, Discretion in Sentencing (2001)

Mildren, Justice Dean, Aboriginal Sentencing (2003)

Moore, Justice Simon, The New Zealand Perspective and Experience (2014)

Morgan, Neil, Mandatory Sentences in Australia: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? (2001)

Morgan, Neil, Easy Scapegoats and Simplistic Reactions: The Continuing Saga of Mandatory Sentencing (2002)

Norrish, Judge Stephen, Sentencing Indigenous Offenders: Not Enough ‘Judicial Notice’? (2013)

Opeskin, Brian, Population Challenges for the Australian Judiciary: The Next 40 Years (2010)

Owen, Neville, Royal Commissions: The Practicalities (speaking notes) (2013)

Perry, Justice John, Courts versus the People: Have the Judges Gone Too Far? (2002)

Prescott, Chief Magistrate Kelvyn, Magistrates: Independent but Accountable (2005)

Rackemann, Judge ME, The Management of Experts (2011)

Rares, Justice Steven, How the Implied Constitutional Freedom of Communication on Government and Political Matter May Require the Development of the Principles of Open Justice (2007)

Rares, Justice Steven, Using the ‘Hot Tub’: How Concurrent Expert Evidence Aids Understanding Issues (2013)

Rares, Justice Steven, Why Magna Carta Still Matters (2015)

Renwick, James, Detention without Trial: The Relevance for Australia of the US Supreme Court Decisions in Hamdi, Rasul and Rumsfeld (2005)

Roxon, Nicola, Comment on Proposal for Judicial Appointments Commission (2006)

Ruddock, Philip, Opening Address at the 2004 Colloquium (2004)

Ryan, Kevin, Judges, Courts and Tribunals (1996)

Sackville, Justice Ronald, Introductory to Session: ‘Courts versus the People: Have the Judges Gone Too Far?’ (2002)

Sackville, Justice Ronald, Refugee Law: The Shifting Balance (2003)

Sallmann, Peter A, Judicial Conduct: Still a Live Issue? (2005)

Sheahan, Justice Terry, “Barbarians at the Gate?”: A Commentary by Justice Terry Sheahan on a Paper Delivered by Chief Justice Warren (2012)

Smith, Justice TH, Supreme Courts Trial Courts and the Rule of Law (1998)

Smith, Justice TH, Court Governance and the Executive Model (2006)

Soden, Warwick, Self-Administration in the Federal Court of Australia (2014)

Thomas, Sally, Speech: Looking Back on a Life in the Law (2019)

Toyne, Peter, After Dinner Speech: Personal Reflections on Judicial Independence (2003)

Wallis, Justice Malcolm, Judges as Employees (2012)

Warren, Chief Justice Marilyn, Independence of the Magistracy: Crossing Over to Judicialism (2004)

Warren, Chief Justice Marilyn, The Duty Owed to the Court: Sometimes Forgotten (2009)

Warren, Chief Justice Marilyn, Public Confidence in the Judiciary: A Response to the Announcement of the Honourable the Attorney General (2009)

Warren, Chief Justice Marilyn, Independence and External Review Performance (2012)

White, Justice Margaret, Panel Comment: “The Courts and the Future: New Stump Jump Ploughs to Cultivate Old Paddocks” (1998)

White, Justice Richard, Commentary on the Paper of Barker J on Statutory Interpretation (2012)

Williams, Angela and Vanita Parekh, Fight or Flight or…? Victim Reactions to Interpersonal Violence (2016)

Williams, Daryl, Opening Address at the 2001 Colloquium (2001)

Woodyatt, Tony, Mental Health Issues in the Courts (2014)

Yeats, Judge Mary Ann, Aboriginal Customary Law and Sentencing (2007)

The views expressed in papers presented at the JCA’s Colloquiums are not necessarily those of the Judicial Conference of Australia.

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