International Association of Judges (IAJ)

The International Association of Judges

IAJ-UIMThe International Association of Judges (IAJ) was founded in Salzburg (Austria) in 1953. It is a professional, non-political, international organisation, bringing together national associations of judges, not individual judges, approved by the Central Council for admission to the Association.

The main aim of the IAJ is to safeguard the independence of the judiciary, which is an essential requirement of the judicial function, guaranteeing human rights and freedom.

The organisation currently encompasses 83 such national associations or representative groups, from six continents.

The Australian Judicial Officers Association has formalised its membership of the IAJ through the existing Australian representative group.

To learn more, the IAJ website can be accessed by clicking here. To read the latest edition of the IAJ Newsletter, click here.

57 Annual Meeting: Foz do Iguaçu 2014

57th Annual Meeting of the IAJ: Foz do Iguaçu 2014


The following are some papers and reports from the IAJ:

Judicial Accountability: An Australian Perspective

Justice Roslyn Atkinson of the Supreme Court of Queensland participated as a panellist in the Plenary Session: Judicial Accountability at the IAJ Meeting in Mexico on October 16, 2016. Justice Atkinson prepared a Background Paper for the panel discussion on Judicial Accountability: An Australian Perspective. The paper can be accessed by clicking here.

To read Justice Atkinson’s Report of the IAJ 1st Study Commission on measures to promote integrity and combat corruption within the judiciary, click here.

2016 Annual Meeting Study Commission reports

The International Association of Judges’ four Study Commissions reported at the IAJ’s annual meeting held recently in Mexico.  The reports deal with:

  • Measures to promote integrity and combat corruption within the judiciary
  • Class actions
  • The sentencing of criminal offenders
  • Social networks and labour relations.

To read more click here.

Judicial Independence in Hungary

The International Bar Association’s 2015 report on the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law in Hungary has now been published.  The report Still under Threat: the Independence of the Judiciary and the Rule of Law in Hungary, October 2015 can be read by clicking here.

Declaration of MEDEL on the Polish Governmental Draft of the Law Amending the Law on National Judicial Council

Magistrats Europeens pur la Democratie et les Libertes is an organisation of European judges and prosecutors created with the main purpose to defend the independence of the judiciary, democracy and human rights. Since 2015, MEDEL has been following with increasing concern the developments of the situation in Poland and notes that the fundaments of the democratic state based on the rule of law have been and are being constantly undermined. To read their full Declaration on the topic, published 1 March 2017, click here.

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